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What Employers Must Know When Drug Screening Applicants

What Employers Must Know When Drug Screening Applicants

Did you know that the percentage of US employees testing positive for drugs has increased over the past 2 years? This includes an increase in usage across nearly all workforce categories and drug test specimen types, according to Quest Diagnostics. Drug screening is...

Guest Post: Transform Your Reference Checking to Drive Engagement

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Applicant Management, applicant management software, applicant tracking software, pre-hire 360, reference check, Reference Checking, SkillSurvey

SkillSurvey President and CEO, Ray Bixler discusses how reference checking can be used more effectively to find and keep highly engaged employees in the below guest post. If you want to learnhow to easily run great reference checks using the TAM/SkillSurvey integration REGISTER TODAY for our FREE upcoming webinar on Tues., August 18th, 2015.

Transform Your Reference Checking to Drive Engagement

In a recent blog post, workforce culture expert and best-selling author Kevin Sheridan took issue with the notion that “employee engagement” has run its course and has instead become a routine “check-the-box” exercise. He suggests, rightly, that perhaps we should start holding the people checking the box accountable for defining, encouraging, and measuring engagement at their organizations.

When a process that involves people becomes thoughtless and perfunctory, it guarantees bad results. A case in point is reference checking. Organizations that consider reference checking to be a worthless, low-value activity get worthless, low-value feedback—or worse, no feedback at all—about potential new hires. And that leaves the organization in the dark about whether a candidate will help or hinder its efforts to build the “magnetic culture” that Kevin so passionately endorses.

Driving transformation across an organization starts with ensuring that you’re bringing talented people on board who are aligned with your company’s vision and culture. By turning a reference process that’s all about checking boxes into a data-driven, accountable, and automated process, organizations are making better hiring decisions, reducing turnover, strengthening their brands, and improving engagement.

Feedback from former supervisors, peers, and direct reports about a candidate’s professionalism, interpersonal skills, adaptability, and commitment is helping our customers identify the people who are more likely to succeed—and thrive—at their organizations. But that doesn’t mean they’re inventing their own versions of what it means to be “Googley.” SkillSurvey’s job-specific survey