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What Employers Must Know When Drug Screening Applicants

What Employers Must Know When Drug Screening Applicants

Did you know that the percentage of US employees testing positive for drugs has increased over the past 2 years? This includes an increase in usage across nearly all workforce categories and drug test specimen types, according to Quest Diagnostics. Drug screening is...


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With all the job boards available, it’s not always easy to decide where your time and money are best spent. So what is the best job board? The short answer – there really isn’t just one. Not for everyone, anyway. There are, however, better ones. The key is figuring out what makes sense for your business, and to spend your time and money in those places. Let’s begin by breaking things down…

The Big Guys

You’ve no doubt worked with Monster and CareerBuilder already. They’re not the biggest for nothing. These sites have been around a while, and are still a “go to” of choice for employers and job seekers alike. They’re professional, they’re user friendly, and they have a whole lot to offer with regard to resources and communities. They span the gambit in terms of industries and levels of positions. If you’re trying to recruit candidates from all over the nation, or the world for that matter, these sites are a great place to start.

Indeed and SimplyHired are two other large sites considered aggregators because they scrape data from the internet off of other job sites. They each have a pretty comprehensive database of roles from everywhere, and these sites are also highly intuitive.

We can’t leave out Craigslist. Working in a classified ad model, Craigslist posts job openings in just about every industry conceivable, including contract and “gig” opportunities.

Niche Sites

If we’re being honest, the big sites are nice, but they don’t work for everyone. If your business is smaller, or in