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How to Provide the Best Candidate Experience

The biggest part of a candidates experience takes place before even making contact with them. Oftentimes, this process begins the moment they find a job post from your company. Ensuring that this process is smooth for job seekers sets the tone for how they approach...

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Month: April 2018
How We Find the Best Clients for our Recruiting Software Business

How We Find the Best Clients for our Recruiting Software Business

TAM Co-Founder Edna Nakamoto Discusses Her Process to Find the Ideal Customer

The Applicant Manager CEO Edna Nakamoto headshotOver the past 5 years, The Applicant Manager has grown into one of the world’s top applicant tracking systems available today. A large part of our success is due to Co-Founder Edna Nakamoto’s dedication and hard work. But, as any business owner can tell you, a client-based company is only as good as the clients themselves. So, how do we recruit the best recruiters?

We could say it starts with TAM’s features — after one demo, most prospects can see we’ve built an applicant tracking system that meets their needs. But it’s rarely that simple. It starts before that, with the initial conversation.

In this interview, Edna details her approach to sales, how she vets the best possible clients, and her thoughts on client relations.
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