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Ways to Hire & Onboard Remote Workers

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Using Data to Help the Hiring Process

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Month: August 2021
The Best ATS Software for Applicant Tracking and Hiring

The Best ATS Software for Applicant Tracking and Hiring

Even under the best of circumstances, hiring can be challenging. That’s because finding the right job candidate is not easy. That’s especially the case when you’re hiring in a candidates’ market, when applicants and job seekers have the leverage. This is why using a top ATS software for applicant tracking and hiring isn’t a luxury these days . . . it’s a necessity!

What is ATS software?

But first, what exactly is ATS software? ATS is short for “applicant tracking system,” so what we’re talking about is applicant tracking system software. In some circles, ATS is also used as an acronym for “applicant tracking software.” So you can see that there is a crossover factor involved, as well as linguistic preferences at play. All that aside, the definition of an ATS software is a software that helps a company or organization manage their recruiting and hiring process from beginning to end. This includes the sourcing of job candidates, the screening of those candidates, the selection of top candidates, and the hiring and onboarding of the organization’s top choice. The features and functionality of the best ATS software packages allow users to collect pertinent information, organize applicants based upon certain criteria, and streamline the entire process to save time and energy.

Who uses ATS software?

The short answer to this question is, “Recruiters use it.” However, the short answer is not actually the complete answer. Yes, recruiters use ATS software, since it deals primarily with applicant tracking—it is in the name, after all—there are different types of recruiters. (One size does NOT fit all.)

Third-party agency recruiters—These are recruiters who do not work directly for the company that has a job opening. In other words, they are not an employee of the company. They have been contracted by the organization to find suitable candidates for the job opening. They are usually paid a certain percentage of the new employee’s first-year salary once the company hires them.

Corporate (or internal) recruiters—As opposed to the agency type, corporate recruiters do work directly for the company and they are employees of the organization. Typically, their one and only job is to source, recruit, and help hire job candidates.

Human Resource personnel—Not only is this professional an employee of the company looking to hire, but recruiting is NOT their only task. Quite the contrary: HR personnel have many other duties they must perform throughout the course of their typical work day. As a result, they have a limited time to devote to the recruiting and hiring of applicants. Consequently, they are in need of an ATS software solution that will help to streamline the entire process and allow them to be more efficient and effective.

An ATS tracking solution can help to avoid mistakes

And we don’t have to tell you that time and energy are in short supply in the workplace these days. This is especially the case if you’re a Human Resources or talent management professional. Overflowing email inboxes. Manual job postings. Multiple jobs on tons of job boards. Sorting resumes. Screening applicants.

The employment marketplace is full of overload . . . too many emails, too much work, too many priorities, too many interruptions. It’s getting more and more difficult to get through the day feeling like you’ve made forward progress. Few professionals can appreciate this more than those responsible for recruiting and hiring. Unfortunately, this information and task overload can cause recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers to make mistakes. These mistakes include:

  • Casting too narrow a net
  • Skipping or neglecting pre-screening steps
  • Relying primarily on the interview for hiring decisions
  • Making the application process too cumbersome for the candidate
  • Losing great applicants

What’s your company to do? Hiring more people to help you hire more people isn’t necessarily a smart business move. A top ATS software solution can streamline and automate much of the candidate search and hiring process. However, there are many ATS tracking packages currently on the market, each with their own unique feature set and value proposition. The key is to find the software package that is right for your team and your organization.

That’s because the right ATS software can allow your HR operations team to focus on people, instead of mountains of paperwork. When assessing the right software for your organization, look for an ATS applicant tracking solution that support the complete recruiting and hiring lifecycle. This includes the following stages:

  • Attracting
  • Screening
  • Selecting
  • Hiring
  • Onboarding

Systems like The Application Manager (TAM) offer a cloud-based, collaborative solution that lets users track job postings and actively engage quality candidates. Because if you can’t actively and effectively engage quality candidates, then you’re probably not going to be able to hire them. TAM also provides toolsets that allow recruiters to review, select, and share applicant information within the hiring teams that are posting open positions within your organization.

Benefits of using an ATS software

There are enormous benefits to using one of the best ATS software solutions. Those benefits include the following:

Time savings

Manually posting multiple jobs to tons of websites takes time. Promoting open positions on social media eats up precious hours of your day. Opening emails and responding to under-qualified applicants can steal many soul-crushing hours from your week.

ATS tracking software packages automate mundane tasks like posting jobs and pre-screening applicants (so you only deal with those who are qualified). They also facilitate faster communication via email templates, and takes the heavy lifting out of reporting.

Better communication and relationship building

An ATS applicant tracking solution provides recruiting and hiring professionals with relationship management tools to improve communication. This way, you can set a great first impression with applicants. Engage applicants in a timely and professional manner using personalized one-to-one and mass email options, a communications log, notes, calendar integration, and other features that streamline communication.

More actionable data

Companies that use an applicant tracking system have a greater ability to mine applicant data to make informed recruiting and hiring positions. Effortlessly sort and compare applicants, merge duplicate contacts, and review passive applicant records for potential matches.

Users can also leverage easy-to-use tools for conducting background and credit checks, drug testing, reference checks, and personality assessments, all of which result in data necessary for the hiring process.

A better applicant experience

Today’s job seekers use technology in their everyday lives. They expect employers to make it simple for them to apply for a job. Employers who don’t use technology send the message that they aren’t keeping up with the times – and may not invest in their people.

An ATS applicant tracking solution allows you to reach job seekers on the social platforms where they spend time and provide them with a mobile-friendly, branded careers page. With Google’s increasing emphasis on mobile-first experiences, a mobile-friendly experience can make or break your stream of applicants.

ATS applicant tracking features and functionality

If your company is growing and looking to staff up, a hiring campaign can be a labor-intensive process. And if your company is strategizing for recovery, recruitment software solutions like TAM are the ideal way to streamline and manage recruitment, hiring and onboarding in a way that optimizes your human capital. Selecting a ATS tracking solution with analytics and filters to address periods of recession, and either high or low unemployment can also enhance your company’s odds of attracting high-value, hard-to-find talent, regardless of the economic or employment landscape. Even small to mid-sized businesses have replaced old-school processes and paper resumes with technology solutions.

TAM, the best ATS software for applicant tracking and hiring, offers powerful features and functionality throughout every stage of the process.

Attracting top job candidates

Once again, you can’t hire top job candidates if you can’t attract those candidates in the first place, and TAM’s applicant tracking features excel in this area:

Auto posting to job boards—With TAM, you have automatic or single-click pushes to over 100 free job boards, including Indeed,, and ZipRecruiter. You can also post to thousands of premium and niche boards, including Dice, CareerBuilder, HCareers, and Stack Overflow.

Customize your job postings—TAM allows you to tell your story and communicate your employer branding using company fonts and colors, plus photos and video. In addition, the postings are mobile responsive with easy mobile application for higher conversion rates.

Expand your reach with social media—You can post your jobs to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Simplify the application process—The interface is user-friendly, as TAM offers a customizable applicant experience with multiple online application options.

Robust resume parsing—A top ATS tracking software will allow your recruitment team to organize talent based upon filters that match potential candidates to relevant job requirements. It will also enable users to track job postings and actively engage quality candidates, automatically scanning each document to extract relevant information such as job-specific skills, work experience, education level, industry knowledge, and location.

Screening job candidates

Once you’ve attracted and engaged top candidates, it’s time to properly screen them, and TAM offers powerful functionality in this area, as well:

Ratings system and feedback tools—Utilize an easy five-star rating systems or custom forms to collocate feedback and compare responses from interviewers, managers, or recruiters. Access TAM’s simple all-in-one candidate profile explore multiple options for sharing resumes and soliciting feedback.

Simple and intuitive screening—Use drag-and-drop applicant comparisons and ratings, plus custom prescreening questions for qualifying or disqualifying applicants. TAM also allows you to video interview at any time during the process.

Custom workflows and searches—Not only can you find anybody by name, email, or phone number, but Advanced and Boolean searches can help you to find qualified job candidates by keywords, ratings, tags, skills, distance, custom fields, prescreening questions, and more. In addition, the best ATS software packages make it easier to narrow the number of applicants by searching applications for specific candidate criteria in a way that supports your company’s specific needs. To illustrate this powerful functionality, HR operations teams are also able to apply custom search filters, customize workflows, and ensure compliance with federal employment and anti-discrimination laws.

Selecting the best candidates

The further into the recruiting and hiring process we get, the more important the stages become, and now we’re at the point where you being to select your “short list” of top candidates for the position.

Take action on your top job candidates—Tag candidates and create hotlists of high-level applicants, then explore mass changes sending emails to a specific group of applicants.

Email and calendar integration—Integrate with your favorite emails programs, including Outlook and Gmail and then sync with your favorite calendars, including Outlook, Office 365, iCloud, and Google. Streamline the process and save time with real-time appointment scheduling based on these synced calendars.

Hiring your top choice

Now that you’ve selected your top choice, the time has come to hire your top choice! This is perhaps the most important part of the recruiting and hiring process, so this is the stage at which you (and the members of your team) can least afford to make a mistake. We at The Applicant Manager recognize that, and it’s why we’ve specifically designed TAM’s features to help ensure this stage of the process goes as smoothly as possible:

Final qualifying of top applicants—Choose from a suite of industry-leading tools to conduct reference checks and video interviews and administer personality assessments. TAM also allows you to eliminate paper forms during the online position approval and hire approval process.

Streamlined hiring procedures—The Applicant Manager offers one-click background checks, credit checks, and drug testing, as well as online offer letters. In addition, TAM integrates with HRIS/payroll systems to eliminate data entry errors.

Onboarding your new employee

Job candidate “ghosting” has become more of a problem for employers during the past few years, making the onboarding stage of the process even more critical. There is where even small mistakes can become magnified, possibly resulting in lost hires. The good news is that this is where TAM shines again, offering users the following features and functionality:

Enhance the new employee experience—Remember the piles of paper from days gone by? Well, forget about them! That’s because with The Applicant Manager, your new hire can use their smartphone, tablet, or computers to complete new hire paperwork. Once they’re done, these forms will be available online and ready to print.

Enhance your experience, as well—Not only will the new employee’s experience be better, but so will yours! That’s because with TAM, documents such as W-4s, I-9s, and state-required forms are saved as PDFs, as well as job descriptions, offer letters, employee handbooks, and more!

HR operations are wise to look into collaborative systems that integrate and adapt to their existing hiring processes. It’s easy to see that the right ATS tracking solution can pay for itself in terms of saving time, energy and resources – enabling HR operations to take a more systematic approach to hiring, and that’s a smart way to create a more positive candidate experience too.

A cloud-based technology like TAM is uniquely designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses seeking an affordable ATS applicant tracking software. There is no need for time intensive training or long implementation periods. That means your HR team is equipped to focus on recruiting, not on software training.

The best ATS tracking solution for your organization

As talent acquisition becomes more competitive and more technology-reliant, companies must evolve to meet the new challenges facing recruiting and hiring professionals. You have to be more effective and more efficient in attracting, screening and hiring the best. The right applicant tracking system can give your business the competitive edge when it comes to engaging and managing qualified job candidates.

When it comes to choosing the right ATS match for your business needs, The Applicant Manager for Top Echelon offers user-friendliness and delivers reporting capabilities, flexibility and the level of integration that works to support your operations. Attracting and hiring the right talent for the job is easier, faster, and more efficient with an Applicant Tracking System like TAM’s cloud-based solution. You’ll find that TAM streamlines job posting, candidate selection and your onboarding processes. Look for an HR solution that can dramatically reduce your time – from posting to application to vetting to hiring to onboarding to compliance and reporting. Ask about easy upgrades and access to tech support and expect transparent and affordable pricing – no set up charges, no training fees, no hidden service charges. Find all of this with TAM – offering one of the most versatile features packages of any applicant tracking system available on the market today.

If you believe your organization might benefit the Applicant Manager ATS software, we invite you to schedule a free demo with us today. During this demo, you’ll learn exactly how TAM can help you and your team streamline your organization’s entire hiring process.

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