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What Employers Must Know When Drug Screening Applicants

What Employers Must Know When Drug Screening Applicants

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The Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System (According to Our Customers)

by | Oct 24, 2019 | applicant tracking systems

The Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System (According to Our Customers)

In a competitive candidate market, you need all the advantages you can muster. A sophisticated applicant tracking system can improve the candidate experience and help your hiring team perform more efficiently. Here’s what businesses have to say about the features and benefits of applicant tracking systems.

Applicant Tracking System Features and Benefits

Benefit #1 – Time saved

The benefits of applicant tracking systems hinge on their unique features that streamline manual processes like posting jobs and tracking candidate applications. Instead of manually posting a new requisition to each job board, ATS software can automate posting to as many sites as you want. According to one manager, an ATS helped by:

 “Saving my managers’ time with posting ads and saving tremendous amounts of paper, because everyone used to print ads and have a pile on their desk.”

Digitizing and automating what used to be a manual task can save labor and overhead costs associated with placing individual ads.

Buyer’s Tip: Look for an ATS that offers free posting to the major job boards with the click of a button.

An applicant tracking system eliminates the busywork associated with manually posting ads and tracking candidate responses by centralizing everything in one easy to use dashboard. It’s easy to pull up a “single source of truth” screen to see at a glance the number of applicants by job and where they are in the process. It’s this clarity of vision that can not only improve organization in business, but even improve the candidate review process.

Benefit #2 – Better candidate review process

Another customer currently using an ATS solution pointed out that the software could even pull together a disparate candidate interview process.

“We have a unique client base made up of higher education institutions
who have search committees that make the hiring decision…
[the applicant tracking system] allows us to facilitate our client’s needs
for the search committee members to ‘rate’ the applicants for the
executive level searches they hire us to conduct.”

The candidate review process is complex, requiring organization and a methodical approach to the review of applications and the people who applied. Often, we see that hiring managers and the departmental committees they work with can be disorganized, redundant, and even subjective in their approach to screening candidates. Relying too heavily on gut feel instead of concrete behavioral or other screening data means that interviewers are leaving too much to chance.

Applicant tracking systems benefit this process by creating an organized approach to a potentially subjective process by establishing and then recording a candidate rating system that everyone can adopt. This eliminates any guesswork or misinterpretation that could occur during the hiring process.

Benefit #3 – User-friendly design

Today’s next-generation applicant tracking systems are much easier to use than their predecessors. With very little time to waste, most hiring managers will appreciate features like drag and drop and email automation. The best ATS platforms are plug and play, allowing as much or as little customization as you need, but not requiring high technical expertise to get started. One hiring manager raved about the usability of today’s modern applicant tracking systems:

“[My ATS] streamlines perfectly for my recruitment process – I wanted something that I could manipulate on my terms in a quick, easy fashion,
and it has been delivering for me for over five years in two different companies.”

Buyer’s Tip: Look for an ATS that doesn’t require developer customization. If your ATS requires extensive setup, onboarding, and training, it could lack user-friendliness and slow down your recruitment process.

Benefit #4 – A rebuilt applicant process

There is something broken in many of the application processes that candidates experience today. Resume uploads often fail to capture applicant information, frustrating candidates who f