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How We Find the Best Clients for our Recruiting Software Business

April 2, 2018
TAM Co-Founder Edna Nakamoto Discusses Her Process to Find the Ideal Customer Over the past 5 years, The Applicant Manager has grown into one of the world’s top applicant tracking systems available today. A large part of our success is due to Co-founder Edna Nakamoto’s dedication and hard work. But, as any business owner can tell you, a...
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Best Practices for Disclosure and Authorization Forms

March 27, 2018
Background screenings are governed by strict federal laws which include the Fair Credit Reporting Act. At The Applicant Manager, we want to understand these laws so you can reduce your legal liability. Thanks to one of our partners, Verified First, for sharing their insight with us.
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3 Surprising Ways an All-In-One Solution Will Disappoint You

September 20, 2017
Let’s say that, for your next date-night, you choose the new fancy steakhouse in town. Their chef is world-famous, and you’ve never seen such stellar reviews for a pricey steak dinner. They promise to cater to your every need for the evening, and the meal does not disappoint. That is, until your dessert arrives. Where the rest of your dinner...
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Setting Up Tax-Favored Leave-Based Donation Programs Aiding Harvey Victims

September 12, 2017
Hurricane Harvey tore through Texas and Louisiana, moving slowly from August 25th through August 30th, before moving out of the area and dumping flood waters in other parts of the nation as well. The devastation caused by one of the worst hurricanes in recorded U.S. history has left many asking what they can do to be of help in relief efforts....
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The Applicant Manager Announces Partnership with Verified First

September 12, 2017
The Applicant Manager Streamlines Hiring Through Partnership With Verified First In-house screening tools will improve efficiency of hiring process Verified First, the premier background and drug screening company in North America, announced that their screening tools are available through integration with The Application Manager (TAM), a...
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How Google for Jobs is Changing the Job Search Game

August 18, 2017
When job sites like Monster and CareerBuilder hit the scene, employers and job seekers alike were excited about how much easier posting and searching for new positions was going to be. And it was. Then, Indeed and LinkedIn came on the scene, and because their sites scrape data from the Monsters and CareerBuilders of the world, it made it even...
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One Question That You Can’t Ask Job Applicants

June 27, 2017
In an effort to continue working toward closing the gender wage gap, more states are enacting laws that prevent an employer from asking a candidate or applicant for compensation history. Delaware is the most recent state to sign a law (effective December 2017) restricting employers from asking for compensation history. They can however,...
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Click Boarding & TAM Partner to Deliver an Easier Way to Recruit Candidates

May 11, 2017
  Click Boarding, a SaaS provider delivering an easier new hire onboarding solution, and The Applicant Manager (TAM), a cloud-based recruiting software solution, today announced a partnership that will make it easier for HR to manage recruiting and onboarding. By delivering ‘easy’, it greatly increases the likelihood that new hires will be...
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