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1 July, 2020

Popular Interview Questions: Do They Actually Work?

Throughout the years, several popular interview questions have surfaced as the “most common”, many of which are regularly used by companies and businesses to assess whether or not a candidate is right for the job.

It’s easy to default to these popular questions we’ve always used because they’ve been around for years, and they’re what everyone expects and for which they prepare.

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24 June, 2020

Passive Recruiting: 5 Questions You Should Ask

It's one of the oldest dilemmas in business: everyone worth hiring is already working for somebody else.

Consequently, to get at top-notch talent (even during a recession), you're going to have to do more than throw up a banal job posting on the job boards. This is where passive recruiting comes into play.

Great talent isn't just sitting around actively searching for new jobs. They’re too busy contributing to the goals of their current employer. To reach them, you have to entice their interest through channels where you know they can be reached. Not only that, but you must also have an efficient way to keep track of a large pool of candidates at different steps in the recruitment process in a single applicant management system or pipeline.

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17 June, 2020

How a Slow Recruitment and Hiring Process Can Hurt Your Organization

It’s never a good time to have a slow recruitment process and/or a slow hiring process as an employer or organization.

It’s bad during a candidate-driven market, like the one we were experiencing up until recently. And it’s bad during a down market, like the one we’re currently experiencing.

Speed is essential in the recruitment and hiring process . . . always. That’s because speed is how you’re able to find, recruit, and hire the best job candidates in the marketplace. (And remember, just because we’re in the midst of a pandemic and quite possibly a recession does NOT mean that the best candidates have simply disappeared. They’re still out there, waiting for you to find them.)

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10 June, 2020

5 Tips for Attracting More Applicants with a Mobile-Friendly Careers Page

In today’s environment, your organization’s careers page has to be mobile-friendly in order to attract the talent that you want to hire. Mobile technology and usage has been growing at a steady rate for the last several years (ever since the advent and release of the smartphone), and it has been affecting every area of people’s lives.

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3 June, 2020

The Importance of Quality Communication with Job Candidates

We’ve discussed the importance of the candidate experience before, in regards to what a company or organization provides during the hiring process. One of the keys to providing a great experience is quality communication with those candidates.

When you provide a great candidate experience, you enhance your employer brand. When you enhance your employer brand, you move one step closer to becoming an employer of choice. When you become an employer of choice, it becomes easier to successfully recruit and hire top talent in the marketplace.

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6 May, 2020

Building and Creating an Employer Brand Strategy the Right Way

During the past several years, employer branding has become increasingly important within the employment marketplace, especially for those organizations looking to hire to fill critical positions.

This was especially the case during the recent candidate-driven market. However, since job candidates are no longer driving the market, has employer branding become less important?

In a word, no.

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22 April, 2020

How to Choose Talent Management Software for Small Business

There’s no doubt that small businesses have “taken it on the chin” during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has proven to have dire economic and financial consequences. As a result, it’s more important than ever for small businesses to make wise choices, especially in regards to the money they spend on investments such as talent management software.

While it’s true that some companies have chosen to pause their hiring efforts for the time being, that’s not the case for every employer. There are many that are still in the process of recruiting and hiring top talent for their organization. And even those that have decided to hit the “pause button” still need to manage the talent they already have—in other words, their current employees.

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8 April, 2020

The Benefits and Advantages of Job Video Interviews


The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the employment marketplace, and one area which it has definitely impacted is that of the interviewing of candidates.

When states across the country first started implementing lockdowns, in-person interviewing was, for all intents and purposes, impossible. However, that didn’t mean employers didn’t still have hiring needs. Of course they did. What it did mean is that employers now faced a greater challenge in their pursuit of top candidates for their open positions.

Video interviewing to the rescue!

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