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5 Tips: Attract More Applicants with a Mobile Friendly Careers Page

Posted by The Applicant Manager on Jun 25, 2015 4:04:19 PM

In today’s recruiting environment, a mobile friendly careers page is essential to attracting top talent. Mobile technology and usage has been growing at a steady rate and it’s no surprise that it’s also affecting the recruiting industry. See our 5 tips below for making your careers page more mobile friendly.

Why it’s important to have a mobile friendly careers site:

  • On May 5, 2015, Google announced that Google searches done on smartphones now exceeds those searches done on desktops.*
  • Seven out of 10 job seekers use mobile technology to search for jobs. 32% of job seekers have already used a mobile device to apply for a job, while 86% would do so if there was an easy way.**
  • 47% of all visitors to job postings supplied to Indeed from TAM are mobile.***
  • Reach applicants who are mobile dependent that don't have access to a computer. Help convert people from searchers to applicants.

Organizations that want to reach and engage applicants in this growing channel must create a positive mobile job search experience.


The Continued Rise of Mobile

5 Tips: How to make your careers page mobile friendly

  1. Mobile Responsiveness: Have web pages that respond to different screen sizes and make it easier for applicants to apply online. Content should display properly for different devices.
  2. Ability to include attachments: Make it easy for applicants to attach documents like cover letters and resumes from their devices using popular cloud storage tools like Dropbox.
  3. Pre-populate applicant data: Allow applicants to pre-fill their application with their LinkedIn and Indeed profiles.
  4. Apply Later: Applicants may not have the time to apply right away. Send a reminder to apply later.
  5. Make It Easy: Make the application process as easy as possible and eliminate potential obstacles. Don't ask too many questions or make the process too lengthy.

TAM is helping clients optimize their recruiting efforts, by creating mobile friendly career sites. Just 13% of employers have mobile-friendly career sites, and only 2% of Fortune 500 companies create job applications with mobile users in mind.** Get ahead of the competition and attract great applicants now.

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