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Tired of Poor Customer Support from Your HR Software Providers?

Posted by The Applicant Manager on Aug 20, 2015 3:13:29 PM

Our lives are becoming increasingly digitized. We see it everywhere. McDonald's is replacing workers with machines, we're on our mobile devices 24/7 and we rely heavily on systems in the workplace. With all the technology out there, are humans becoming obsolete in the digital world? The answer is no. Humans still play a crucial role, especially in the area of customer support and service. In fact when it comes to support, customers want a real person on the other end versus a computer or machine giving them irrelevant, automated responses. Technology has made consumers and system users even more demanding when it comes to expecting faster response times, precise answers and easy solutions when seeking out help. According to the Harvard Business Review, "delighting customers doesn’t build loyalty; reducing their effort—the work they must do to get their problem solved—does." This is especially important when we rely on systems to get the job done and need a quick solution.


All facets of the workplace are impacted by this increase in technology, including HR. The majority of HR departments these days are utilizing some type of HR software like an HRIS, payroll or applicant tracking system. These systems help streamline processes and increase efficiency across the board. However as we all know, things don't always run smoothly. System issues are bound to arise and new users may require training. In these instances, customer support plays a very important role. What kind of customer support are you receiving from your HR software providers? Do you get a human or automated voice on the other end of the line? Is the service you receive excellent, mediocre or downright unhelpful - leaving you exasperated and frustrated?

Receiving good customer support can be the difference between a quick fix or causing your work to come to a standstill while you troubleshoot systems issues. The best customer-facing companies know the value of exceptional customer support. When it comes to choosing HR software like an applicant tracking system (TAM), make sure to put good customer support on your list of requirements. Here are some tips to ensure you'll receive excellent customer support.

How to Ensure You'll Get Great (not poor) Customer Support from Your HR Software Providers

- See what existing customers are saying. Before purchasing a new system, read customer reviews and testimonials. Scan for customer support related feedback. Ask for references and speak with an existing customer.

- Know the details. Ask what kind of customer support you'll have access to. Inquire about the availability. Is it 24/7 access or specific hours? Find out what kind of support is offered. Is it phone, email, text or chat support?

- Do a live test. Ask for a free trial and test the customer support team. Try giving the support line a call or submit a customer ticket via email or chat.

- Understand who will be helping you. Will you be speaking with someone on site or does the company outsource their team? Is support provided by a call center or by people who have relevant, industry experience? What qualifications or credentials do they have?

- Understand cost. Check on the terms and conditions for customer support. Is support unlimited or charged based on usage? Is training free?

- Think about implementation. What support do you get during the implementation period? Is there someone to help with training during this critical period while you ramp up?

When learning a new system or weeding through system issues it helps to have an amazing customer support staff behind you. Excellent customer support is a pillar of TAM's core business philosophy and it shows. TAM's executive team understands that great support allows clients to do their job at the highest level. We agree with the Harvard Business Review that, "when it comes to service, companies create loyal customers primarily by helping them solve their problems quickly and easily." Our support team is comprised of members with HR experience who can advise you on industry best practices as well as all questions related to TAM. Our high standards also impact who we partner with. Like TAM, all of our partners provide exemplary customer support. If you're in need of a better customer experience with your HR software, we'd love to hear from you!

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