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15 August, 2019

Recruiting Millennials: What the New Largest Cohort Wants in a Workplace

Today, just about everyone is interested in how to recruit and retain millennials, i.e., the population born between 1981 and 1996. This year, millennials surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest living population cohort, with more than 73 million of them in the marketplace. With the unemployment rate at its lowest rate since 1969, recruiting millennials should be an important part of any company’s hiring strategy.

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13 August, 2019

Onboarding vs New Employee Orientation: What’s the Difference?

Orientation and onboarding are often used interchangeably by many people – even some within human resources (HR). However, the two concepts are distinct from each other, but both are extremely valuable when it comes to retaining your newest hire. Let’s take a closer look at how onboarding and orientation have a huge impact on employee engagement. 

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8 August, 2019

Top 7 Strategies for Healthcare Recruiting

In early 2019, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) confirmed that America will face a critical shortage of clinical providers by 2032. The news forced a collective sigh from healthcare recruiters around the country, who were already facing historic unemployment levels for non-clinical teams.

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6 August, 2019

Keep it Simple: Why the Best Recruiting Software Focuses on Ease-of-Use

Like many other clichés, there’s a strong element of truth to the phrase, “you need the right tools for the job.” In a high-pressure recruiting environment, having the right software tools could make the difference between finding the right candidate or leaving a position unfilled.

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1 August, 2019

Why the Best Recruiting Software Provides Value, Not Just Features

When shopping for recruiting software, most people look at two things: features and price. They check to see if the solution has the basic features that they need and whether it fits their budget. While obviously important, we have found that looking at an applicant tracking system (ATS) based on just these criteria won’t necessarily guarantee the best fit for your organization. Instead, focusing on the value that an ATS can bring to your organization is more important.

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1 August, 2019

HR Process Automation: How an ATS Can Streamline Your Onboarding

Bringing new employees into your company is exciting – after a thorough application, interview, and vetting process, it’s time for their first day. New employees are ready to learn about the company; they want to meet their new team and learn about a new job.  So, why ask employees to start their first day by filling out a pile of forms? Furthermore, modern employees often work remotely or apart from where the HR team works, so filling out a pile of new-hire documents and getting them to the right place is even more of a challenge.  

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