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What Employers Must Know When Drug Screening Applicants

What Employers Must Know When Drug Screening Applicants

Did you know that the percentage of US employees testing positive for drugs has increased over the past 2 years? This includes an increase in usage across nearly all workforce categories and drug test specimen types, according to Quest Diagnostics. Drug screening is...

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Are You Misclassifying Your Independent Contractors?

Are You Misclassifying Your Independent Contractors?

The subject of independent contractors is a hot political topic right now, drawing attention from President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Both political figures have made it a priority to crack down on employers who are misclassifying employees as independent contractors to dodge compliance regulations and cut costs. Earlier this month the Department of Labor (DOL) came out with detailed guidelines to address misclassification, making it very clear when a company is in violation. For employers, the best practice is to classify everyone as an employee unless they can clearly be defined as an independent contractor.


Employers may be classifying individuals as independent contractors, rather than employees, to avoid providing them with a range of benefits. The recent DOL release states that “when employers improperly classify employees as independent contractors, the employees may not receive important workplace protections such as the minimum wage, overtime compensation, unemployment insurance, and workers’ compensation.” This has led to lawsuits and litigation against numerous companies around the treatment of independent contractors. Let’s take a closer look to understand why this issue is receiving so much scrutiny lately.
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