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What Employers Must Know When Drug Screening Applicants

What Employers Must Know When Drug Screening Applicants

Did you know that the percentage of US employees testing positive for drugs has increased over the past 2 years? This includes an increase in usage across nearly all workforce categories and drug test specimen types, according to Quest Diagnostics. Drug screening is...

When and Why Video Interviewing Might Be Right for Your Business

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Uncategorized

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We’ve addressed the benefits and advantages job video interviews before in this blog. And of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced most employers to utilize video interviews when screening candidates for their open positions.

Here’s the good news. The video interviewing of the past was expensive. It required costly, bulky equipment, and required coordinating a time and place with compatible equipment on the other end. Now, almost everyone has the capability and access to conduct video interviews via phone, tablet or laptop.

Not only is it less expensive and easier than ever before, but the options are plentiful. Employers can use one-way interviews to gather short, pre-recorded video interviews as candidates are first presenting themselves, as a way to expedite the pre-screening process. For those candidates invited to go further in the interview process, employers can utilize live video interviews in place of the traditional phone interview.

If you’re still reluctant to take the plunge into the world of video interviews, here are a few things you may want to consider:

Making a first impression

Most job seekers would agree that trying to stand out in a large pool of resumes can be difficult. Video interviews allow applicants to differentiate themselves. They’re able to showcase their personality and to be creative. They’re also able to highlight important skill sets, and share more detail than they can with a resume. For example, explaining their reasons for leaving their past employers, or what their job titles were versus the work they actually did.

One of the many great features of doing a video interview, is that it allows applicants to re-record the video until they are satisfied with it. Candidates have the opportunity to carefully consider each question. This allows for them to adequately prepare and present themselves in the best light possible.

Charisma and strong communication skills are important and something that recruiters and hiring managers want to see. A video interview allows these to shine through right away in that first impression.

Employer Branding

If you are at all interested in becoming an employer of choice, you know how important your brand is. This means that having a positive candidate experience is critical. Offering your candidates the opportunity to conduct a video interview gives you a competitive advantage. Recruiting is marketing, and you’ll want to show candidates that being “tech savvy” doesn’t just belong to large companies anymore.

Most applicants appreciate the opportunity to really showcase themselves, and “make their pitch” as to why they’re the right person for the job. Being sensitive to candidates’ time, coupled with making the interview process simple, convenient, and personalized, positions you as an employer of choice.


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